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The focus of this Zoom Bible Study for Beginners is to study the Word of God slowly, ask questions, and discuss how it can apply to our lives. This Study is open to people of all cultures to come and learn about the Bible and walk together in community and faith. You do not have to be experienced in the Bible to participate.

Ministry Contact

Monica Wilt
(949) 387-3205

Winter 2024 Session

Beginning January 11
Thursdays from 10:00 to 11:00 am

What we’re discussing for our Winter Session: The Book of Mark

Who is Jesus? What kind of Savior is he? What will it mean if I follow him? 
The book of Mark is a collection of stories based on the apostle Peter’s memories of Jesus’ words and deeds. We will learn about the life of Jesus through Mark’s narrative in story form. Mark covers important events such as the temptation of Christ, the calling of the first disciples, and Jesus’ earliest ministry in His home territory of Galilee. Woven into the action are various themes and struggles Jesus must face throughout His time on earth.

This class is for you if :

  • You are interested in learning more about the Bible in an easy friendly format. There is no homework, just your presence for an hour each week when class is in session.

  • You want to study the Bible in its context and understand the big picture. We look at every verse to discover the meaning of the passage.

  • You want to study the Bible with a small group in the comfort of your home. Save money in gas and time from commute while pursuing growth in the Lord.

  • English is your second language at an intermediate/advanced level. The class pace is slow with easy to answer questions.

Whether you are looking for light Bible Studies, fellowship or small communities, the Zoom Bible Study for beginners is just right for you! Get connected and join us as we dive into God’s Word and fellowship together.

Wondering what the Bible Study is like?

Below are testimonies of those who have participated –

I am so thankful to Jesus to give me this merciful Bible Study. In the beginning, the class was super difficult for me to understand, and I wanted to give up. But I did not give up and was patient. As a result, I was improving, understanding, and following even without realizing it and my faith was growing. I began to understand the different meanings and messages from each of the chapters. Overall, the study encouraged me to turn to God, rather than wordly things, and to love others as God loves them.

– Amy Kim

I have thoroughly enjoyed this relaxed, yet in-depth format of the Bible Study for Beginners. Each session, led by Good Shepherd Adult Education Lead, Monica Wilt, takes a deep dive into one book of the Bible, making it an enjoyable, understandable and meaningful experience no matter the level of your faith journey. The time commitment is minimal, but impactful. It’s also a fun way to meet others interested in learning more about God’s Word and how it can transform your heart and be applied to your everyday life.

 – Laura Mickelson

I have been attending the Zoom Bible Study at Good Shepherd since 2018. I feel spiritually refreshed and challenged through this Study. I am growing in my faith and fellowship with others. I may not be able to adequately explain what exactly all the benefits are in joining this group. But I can say that God is certainly working in the hearts of those that attend. If you want to know how God works in this fellowship, please join us to experience the blessings of God’s Word and fellowship with believers in this wonderful Bible study.

 – Naoko Ralls

Ready to dive in?

We invite you to register for our next session!
We offer Winter, Spring, and Fall Sessions (6 to 8 weeks each session depending on the book) but our registration is open year-round.

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