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A small discipline for Kingdom impact

Setting aside $5 a day through Lent will send a child to school that otherwise would be unable to attend. Scroll down to learn more –

Practicing a Lenten Discipline

As we reflect on the sacrifice Christ made for us, we are called to make financial sacrifice for others.

Your Lenten savings will provide a year of tuition, books, school supplies, lunches and a uniform to a Haitian child.

Set aside $5 a day through Lent (40 days). Whether it be skipping a Starbucks coffee, passing on that extra grocery store item, biking to work, or making your lunch rather than eating out, practicing this small discipline will lead to big impact.


time left until the discipline is complete!

More About "Save A Seat"

Save a Seat is a scholarship program focused on providing for the educational needs of children in the communities touched by Three Strand Cord’s Oasis Program. Save a Seat allows you to provide tuition, books, school supplies, school lunches and a uniform for a child who might otherwise not have the opportunity to attend school.

Additionally, we’ve partnered with Three Strand Cord since 2012 through our mission work in Haiti & the Dominican Republic.

The Faces of Good Shepherd Primary School

Once a gift is made, we will work with the school to notify you of who sits in your seat.  You will also receive a letter from your student.  The scholarship is designed to support the SEAT and not the student so it is possible that a new student could sit in your seat should a student move or changes schools.


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