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“LifeGroups are an excellent way to connect with fellow Christians; to unplug and have real, meaningful conversations.”
– Will Gronek
I go to church on Sundays. Why would I want to join a LifeGroup?

Worshiping God is essential for a vital life of faith. But during a Sunday worship service, there isn’t the opportunity to go deeper relationally, or dig into the spiritual issues presented in the sermon. LifeGroups are designed to fill that gap.

I’m not comfortable sharing in a small group. Would LifeGroups still be a fit for me?

LifeGroups are structured to be a safe place to build relationships and grow spiritually at one’s own pace. Group facilitators are trained to create an environment where members don’t feel forced to share.

I’m just not a “small group” person. What is the value of being in a LifeGroup?

Sunday mornings will no longer consist of the simple “hi” greetings. LifeGroup members form deep friendships and support each other through prayer and encouragement. The scripture you will also study together further strengthens faith and equips you to apply God’s truth to your life.

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