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Children’s Ministries

Birth through 5th grade

We partner with parents in the spiritual upbringing of their children by coming along side to help equip, nurture and develop children’s spiritual faith. Times look a bit different right now, but we seek to continue providing tools, resources and community for you!

For questions, please see the contact information of our Ministry Team below.

Ages birth through 4
Sundays during our Worship Services

IN RECESS until we resume indoor worship services.

As you attend one of our church services on a Sunday morning, you are welcome to drop your child off for nursery care. Our time with your little ones is spent engaging in free play, singing songs, and teaching them simple lessons about God. No sign up is needed before hand, just stop by the Infant/Toddler Center before one of the services.

FLOCK – Sunday School
Pre-K through 5th Grade
Sundays at 11:00 am on Zoom – click HERE to access the call

Just because we’re stuck at home, doesn’t mean Sunday School is on a break! Lessons, videos, crafts and games are created weekly for kids to engage in with their family.

Upcoming Events

You are invited the first ever Drive-Thru FLOCK Sunday School experience!
Together, with your family, you will experience the early life of Jesus through videos, readings, questions, and of course games!
This interactive experience will take you from the birth of Jesus, all the way to his baptism in the Jordan River.

So…how is this all going to work? Pretty easily, with God’s help that is! Keep reading for what to expect on Sunday, January 10th.

You and your family will need to register by clicking the button below.
The whole experience will take about 20 min for you and your family.

Arrive at church at your designated time, and be sure that everyone has a mask handy.

Our FLOCK volunteers will welcome you and provide your family will a bag full of everything you will need for the drive-thru.

There are some things you will want to bring – Charged cell phone or iPad with wifi – you will be using QR codes during the experience.

Your Bible!

A good attitude and open mind. Maybe do a little practice throwing too!

For more information, please contact our Children’s Ministry Team.

Family Connection Director – Christina Westrope
Phone: 949.398.5179

Family Ministry Director – Stephanie McArthur
Phone: 949.398.5180

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