Trivia Night (21+)
Friday, April 26
7:00 pm in the Youth Room

All adults are invited to test their knowledge and work with one another at our first ever Trivia Night! There will be plenty of drinks, appetizers and fun rivalry to go around as we see which team knows all. Whether history, sports, religion, pop culture or facts about Pastor Tom are your forte, this event is for you. $10 per person - fresh, hot tacos and snacks are included in event fee. Beer and wine available for purchase. Childcare provided.

Feed the Pig
Lenten Discipline
Donate TODAY!

We encourage our church to save $5 a day during Lent. Instead of spending that money on a treat, discipline yourself for the 40 days and feed that money to the pig instead. Your Lenten savings will provide a year of tuition, books, school supplies, school lunches, and a uniform to a Haitian child who otherwise would not be able to attend school. Our giving supports the Three Strand Cord "Save a Seat" scholarship program.

Feed the Pig
Feed the Pig