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Our New Normal

While you’ve been adjusting to your new normal at home and in your community, we’ve made a few changes as well.

Weekend services are available in-person, online and on demand.

We have resources and online options for children and youth.

If you have prayer requests, we’d like to know. Submit prayers here.

We communicate via email weekly. Not getting our emails? Sign up now.

Current Sermon Series

We often experience doubt as we live the life of a Christian. Beyond wondering about God, doubt digs much deeper into the questions,

“Is what I believe really real?”
“Am I silly to have faith in God?
“Is it just a myth, fairy tale, or fluff?”

Doubt goes beyond searching for answers to questions, it starts to deny the legitimacy of Christianity itself. The experiences of biblical characters will show us that doubt pushes believers towards a deeper understanding of faith. God desires a connection with us in our seasons of doubt. Join us Sundays in November to discover how to help your unbelief.

Latest Service

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